Winning Well +


Winning Well is a course for leaders and managers who:

Feel trapped in a cycle of making others happy.
Can’t seem to motivate your team or see the results they know the team capable of.
Don’t like the person they become when trying to lead the team to success.



Karin Hurt and David Dye, authors of Winning Well: How to Get Results without Losing Your Soul, have brought the book to you in an interactive learning experience. This course will walk you through the four types of leaders from the Winning Well Model – Users, Pleasers, Gamers, and the Winning Well Manager – and prepare you with valuable resources like The Trust Inventory, How to Hold Great Skip Level Meetings, and the Winning Well Meeting Checklist. This course, with it’s dynamic, multimedia content, will prepare you with the wisdom and resources to create change and start winning today!

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